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Today, residents of Bakersfield favor using rideshare services like Uber and Lyft rather than driving their own vehicles or utilizing other traditional transportation services. It’s not a surprising decision, as it’s widely known that rideshare services are beneficial in many ways— the two most significant being affordability and accessibility. However, all transportation-related services come with risks, and it’s not uncommon for rideshare drivers to get into car accidents in Bakersfield.

Were you driving, biking, walking, or jogging when a rideshare driver hit you? Or, perhaps you were a rider in a rideshare driver’s vehicle at the time of an accident. Whichever the case, you should seek legal guidance from a competent Bakersfield rideshare accident lawyer and pursue it like any other accident case. The lawyers at Adamson Ahdoot, LLP, are up to date with the latest developments related to rideshare liability in California. We’ll strongly advocate on your behalf to ensure you’re compensated to the fullest extent.

Rideshare Accident Statistics in Bakersfield, California

Since 2011, the demand for rideshare transportation services in the United States has contributed to a 2% to 3% rise in traffic deaths. This translates to nearly 1,100 fatalities annually, not including the hundreds of thousands of injuries, which there is no definite number on since neither Uber nor Lyft release data related to non-fatal car crashes. Collectively, about 2 million drivers work for Uber and Lyft; however; this doesn’t account for inactive drivers.

Regardless, rideshare drivers make up a large percentage of drivers on the roads, especially in California where both Uber and Lyft are headquartered. It’s also suggested that rideshare accidents are a growing concern due to deadheading— where drivers are in idle mode while waiting for a new trip. On top of adding to traffic on the roads, rideshare drivers are typically distracted by their phones. These are factors that substantially increase the risk of a car accident.

Rideshare Companies Insurance Requirements in Bakersfield

All rideshare drives must have a personal auto insurance policy and a commercial auto insurance policy. These coverages are designed to protect drivers and riders when a trip is en route, including when you are at your destination but not outside of the vehicle yet. Insurance coverage is categorized by periods. Period 0 is when a rideshare driver is offline and in their vehicle, which means that the driver is technically not working. The driver’s personal auto insurance policy must carry $15,000 bodily injury coverage per person injured, $30,000 bodily injury liability per accident, and $5,000 property damage coverage.

Period 1 is active when the driver is online and waiting for a ride request. In this period, the driver’s respective rideshare company’s insurance takes effect, which covers $50,000 bodily injury coverage per person injured, $100,000 bodily injury liability per accident, and $25,000 of property damage coverage.

Period 2 and 3 consider the driver en route after being paired with a rider and/or the rider en route to their destination. An Uber or Lyft ride has access to up to $1 million in third-party liability coverage. This means their insurance will likely cover you in the event that a passenger driver, whether uninsured or underinsured, hits your rideshare driver’s vehicle.

How a Bakersfield Rideshare Accident Lawyer Can Help

The lawyers of Adamson Ahdoot will meet with you for an initial consultation regarding your rideshare accident in Bakersfield. Our discussion will be completely confidential and executed by one of our attorneys, not by an assistant or customer service representative. We understand that you may feel intimidated or nervous talking about your accident, but we want you to see first-hand how we can help you.

Our Uber and Lyft accident attorneys will start by reviewing your accident and injuries, so don’t forget to bring any necessary paperwork. Meanwhile, we’ll answer questions you may have about the progression of your case. We’ll be transparent with you from the start, including if we’d be an appropriate fit for your case. We’ll offer you detailed advice and discuss any potential avenues that we may explore if we were to take on your case. Above all, it’s our priority to ensure you’re made aware of your legal rights.

Adamson Ahdoot Represents Rideshare Accident Victims

With over 100 years of experience and a track record of results, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be partnering with an accomplished, boutique personal injury and accident law firm. Adamson Ahdoot will personally explain your options and rights to make certain you are fully aware of what’s to come. We know that much of the legal process will be overwhelming for you, especially when you’re battling an injury. That’s why our firm stays true to these characteristics: aggressive, ambitious, and attentive. These qualities have contributed to the success of our firm and enable us to provide the highest level of representation to each of our clients.

Adamson Ahdoot is ready to steer you through the legal process as swiftly and seamlessly as possible. Put your mind at ease after a rideshare accident in Bakersfield by calling 877-871-3265 or completing a contact form today. Se Habla Español.

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