1 Killed, 2 Injured in High-Speed Lake Balboa Car Crash

One man has died and two other people were injured as a result of a high-speed crash. This incident happened on Saturday, January 2, 2021. This accident took place at seven in the evening. It happened between Whitaker Avenue and Sherman Way. This information was provided by Sargent R. Brunson. He is with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Los Angeles: Firefighters at the Scene

The Los Angeles firefighters had arrived at the accident scene on Saturday evening. They tended to all of the victims involved in this fatal accident. Medical assistance was administered to the victims immediately. One man died and two other people were injured as a result of this high-speed crash. There was a news photographer at the scene who had captured images of the area.

Witnesses at the Scene Report High Speeds

Sargent Brunson and responding officers were told, by witnesses, the man who passed away was driving at a speed of around 80 miles per hour. The vehicle had been driving on Sherman Way. They had been traveling east and were driving at a high speed.

The coroner officials had released the name of the motorist who had been killed. This high-speed crash claimed the life of Artur Ignatosian. He is from North Hills. The car was going at 80 miles per hour at the time of the crash. It does appear as if the speed is going to be the major cause of this crash. Ignatosian had been pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The coroner’s office had provided the information about the deceased 26-year-old man.

An Investigation is Currently Pending

The Los Angeles Police Department has issued an investigation surrounding the details that led up to this high-speed crash. The Traffic Division, with the department, will be in charge of conducting the investigation. It is not uncommon for an investigation to take up to two months to obtain all of the needed information. All evidence may be needed for an attorney. When the investigation is complete, more information will be provided to the public.

Any fatal accident is very traumatic and heartbreaking to those who have been left behind to mourn their loved one. Heartfelt and sincere condolences are offered to the family members of the deceased. Unfortunately, there may be lengthy legal issues, for family members, to contend with once the investigation is completed. If legal assistance is needed, please contact Adamson Ahdoot injury attorneys and allow our professionals to guide you through the legal process. Call 800-310-1606 and our team will be glad provide a free consultation.

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