Los Angeles Road Rage Incident Results in Mother Dead, Son Severely Injured

A road rage incident in southern Los Angeles ended with the death of a 30 year old mother, and her 9 year old son suffered severe injuries on November 28th at 6:35pm. The incident, involving a Mitsubishi Outlander and black SUV, began on Central Avenue between 43rd Street and 56th Street. The SUV passeneger flourished a gun. Thinking the passenger was going to shoot him, the Outlander driver drove around the SUV into oncoming traffic, before making a right onto 43rd Street. The SUV driver pursued the Outlander heading east on 43rd Street. As the speeding Outlander approached the intersection of Hooper Avenue, it failed to stop at the posted stop sign. The Outlander struck a Toyota Corolla traveling southbound on Hooper Avenue. The collision caused the Outlander to lose control and come to rest at the southeast corner of the Hooper intersection. 30 year old Luciana Gonzalez and her 9 year old son, standing on the corner, were struck by the Outlander. The Outlander also struck a wooden telephone pole on the corner of the intersection. After briefly stopping at the accident scene, the SUV fled southward on Central Avenue before heading westbound on Vernon Avenue. Neither the driver or passenger have been apprehended. The SUV is described as having aftermarket LED-style or fog lights, along with red running lights. At this time, there is no description of the driver or passenger of the SUV. Los Angeles is offering a $50,000 reward. Anyone with information can contact the Los Angeles Police Department, or Detective Juan Campos. In addition, people are encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS.

Can the driver of the SUV be held liable?

It is very possible. The plaintiff will need to show the SUV’s liability in the resulting accident between the Outlander and Corolla. By working with a lawyer, they can determine how the driver and passenger of the SUV are responsible for the incident. If that can be accomplished, then it is possible to hold the driver and passenger of the SUV liable in the collision. By working with a lawyer, the plaintiff can build a case that holds up in court. If you’ve been involved in a similar incident, we can help. We can provide help in determining who is at fault, and build a case that will hold up in court. We provide a free consultation, by phone, 24/7 by calling (800) 310-1606.

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