Multi-Car Accident Miraculously Only Leaves One Injured In Bakersfield, California

Intersections can be scary but even more so when they are part of a busy road. Sadly, Saturday evening in Bakersfield, California, this proved accurate. Shortly after 4 pm on December 19th, witnesses called in a multi-car accident on South Union Ave. East of Casa Loma Drive.

Once officers were made aware, they rushed to action shutting down northbound lanes along Union Ave. until further notice. The cause of the accident is still unknown and will likely come out once the investigation gets established.

Although the accident involved multiple vehicles, only one person was said to have sustained injuries. You can say it comes close to a Christmas miracle of sorts since it is rare to avoid multiple injuries in this sort of accident. So far, there is no further update on the injured. What we do know is the casualty was considered a major one.

More information is still to come on the matter shortly after the investigation.

Accidents can happen at any moment when you are out on the road. We have all heard this more than once in our lives. Yet, no matter how old the saying, it stands just as factual today as it did years ago. The global population keeps growing, meaning more drivers to share the road. We strive to make more space to accommodate the numbers by building bigger roads and highways.

While progress is needed, it also brings the possibility of creating new risks, especially when it comes to driving a motor vehicle. Intersections, on-ramps, and local streets are getting bigger by the minute, making the importance of being a smart and alert driver vital. New drivers are taking the road every day, and experienced drivers are not always the safest out on the road.

We must be following the rules of operating a motor vehicle and pay close attention to road signs when available. An experienced driver must drive safely and lawful when driving a car. By doing so, you make the road that much safer for all.

Treat others with patience and respect when sharing the road. Stay alert because it may not be your fault an accident occurred, but you possibly could have deterred it by simply being attentive. We must share the road every day with other vehicles driven by people of all skill levels. Something that makes our job that much harder. So, don’t lose your focus behind that wheel.


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