Seven Children Killed After Two-Vehicle Accident in California Sets Car on Fire

A devastating vehicle accident took place on a highway in a quieter part of California. This collision was so intense that it actually killed a total of nine human beings. Seven of these individuals were children, too. This information has come straight from authorities. It was a collision that involved the front sections of automobiles. It took place roughly at 8:00 at night on the first day of 2021. It was on Highway 33, an hour and a half away from the city of Bakersfield in Kern County. The individual who was at the helm of a Dodge seemingly swerved straight away from the street. The Dodge was one that was released to the public back in 2013. Rory Marks is a police officer who took the time to speak with representatives of the Los Angeles Times. He’s the one who presented the paper with details that pertained to the crash and its various effects. Fire overtook the vehicle in question and brought on a significant tragedy for so many people.

How did the California Highway Patrol get wind of this tough situation? Its team members received a telephone call with regard to a car crash that just took place on the previously mentioned highway. It was in a place that was close to Sutter Avenue. The avenue is immediately north of the spot. Once police officers got to the scene, they discovered a car that was chock-full of fire. There were a total of eight individuals inside of it at the time as well. It was a Ford.

The individual who drove the Dodge was 28-years-old. No one else was inside of the Dodge, either. The police department indicates that the driver was injured and passed away, too.

Investigators figured out that the specific Ford was going north. The Dodge, on the other hand, was going in the opposite direction south. Once the crash struck, the affected Ford moved immediately into a place that was covered in soil. That’s precisely where fire took it over.

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