Two Injured After Single-Vehicle Crash in Inglewood

A single-vehicle crash was reported to have taken place in Inglewood on Tuesday, December 15th. The incident happened just before midnight between Hawthorne Boulevard and West 103rd Street. A car crashed into a traffic light located in the vicinity of both streets. The vehicle was found to be occupied by two people, one passenger, and one driver. Both individuals, who are yet to be identified, were severely injured from the crash and were sent to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Can Passenger File A Personal Injury Claim Against A Driver?

Yes, they can. A passenger who was injured in a crash which was caused by the driver in the vehicle they are occupying can choose to file a claim against them. The process will differ depending on whether the driver is related to the passenger or not. Also, if the driver was working for a business entity, the passenger may be better off pursuing a personal injury claim against the employer instead of directly against the driver. To know more about what legal option you have at your disposal following a car crash, call us today at (800) 310-1606 to get a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Source: CBS Los Angeles

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