Two People Trapped After Highway 58/223 Single-Vehicle Crash

A single-vehicle crash was reported to have occurred on Saturday, October 10th in the interchange of Highway 58/223. California Highway Patrol is the first responder at the scene. They received information about the crash at around 11:12 a.m. The unidentified vehicle – which hasn’t been disclosed by authorities – was overturned as a result of the crash. Two people inside the vehicle were trapped and required assisted rescue by officials at the scene.

Do Single-Vehicle Crashes Occur More Often on Highways?

Not really. According to NHTSA, one of the road conditions that increase the likelihood of a single-vehicle crash occurring is lane curvature. It was found that curving lanes have more reported single-vehicle crashes (more than 30%) than straight lanes. Thus, with this in mind, county/city or state officials responsible for the road infrastructure should have implemented more precautionary measures to ensure that single-vehicle crashes will not happen more often in this road type. If you feel that your single-vehicle crash was caused by improper road management, you should know that you can file a claim against the state or county/city responsible. To know more on how to approach this type of legal action, call us to discuss your single-vehicle accident by dialing (877) 871-3265.

Source: KGET

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