Pedestrian Injured in Los Angeles Hit and Run Accident on Hawthorne Boulevard at 118th Street Kills Joey Corona

A motorist traveled east on Hawthorne Boulevard in Westwood Boulevard’s area when another driver cut off the motorist’s right turn at the crosswalk. As the motorist made his way across the intersection, a car in the rear crashed into the rear of the first car. The impact of the impact threw the driver of the other vehicle off-balance, and he suddenly ended up being struck by a westbound double car. The motorist driving the vehicle crashed into the other car had to be rescued from the scene by Firefighters due to his severe injuries.

According to the Los Angeles County Coroner, the deceased driver, a thirty-year-old man, was pronounced dead at the scene. The other vehicle’s motorist, a 24-year-old woman, was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. She is listed in stable condition and has been treated and released.
A description of the scene by the Coroner has been released. The accident takes place at approximately 11:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve. The first vehicle that fled the scene, a dark-colored four-door sedan, was described as a late model, a Honda Civic. The driver of the additional vehicle had to try to get out of the vehicle after colliding with the sedan. She was described as alert and nervous while waiting for the other driver to come to a stop.

The other vehicle was traveling eastbound on Hawthorn Boulevard at high speed when the collision occurred. In front of the sedan, which crashed, the vehicle was in the right lane waiting for a left-turn signal. In the left lane, the car owner, a male, failed to yield and struck a sedan in the left rear on the driver’s side.

Los Angeles Police Department Traffic Division Capt. Abraham Ovarian said, “The drivers that are involved in these crashes do not stop after the other car has crashed. Instead, they just continued to drive and strike another vehicle, without stopping at all. Thankfully, no passengers were injured in this collision, but it does serve as a reminder that if you must run late, it is important to allow extra time for your car to exit the area properly.”

It is important to note that motorists should exercise extra caution if traveling in the left-hand lane. “licensed drivers” should avoid the left-hand side of the road if possible due to the increased amount of vehicle traffic that will be on the road. Drivers should use the shoulders or turnarounds to avoid heavy traffic. If necessary, a driver can turn a left-hand turn from the shoulder or a right hand into the turnarounds’ affected lane.

There are several ways a driver can prevent becoming a victim of a hit-and-run. Avoid areas where traffic is heavy and areas where it is easy for others to enter the roadway. When traveling in Los Angeles, it is wise to drive the speed limit and expect you to experience traffic delays. Avoid busy intersections, look both ways before making a turn, and alert vehicles that make unexpected maneuvers. If you become a victim of a hit-and-run, it is imperative that the driver quickly pull off the roadway and contact the appropriate authorities.

If a hit-and-run occurs, drivers need to stay alert. Driving through an area where there is a high number of cars on the road is dangerous.


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